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#DMAFB | Take this Box and give it a decent home

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Take this Box and give it a decent home

Zurich, Switzerland

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I won an auction and was delieved a delightful lounge chair, but even more delightful was this box. For some crazy, inane reason I couldn't part with it, I tried to put it in the basement but was racked with guilt and so brought it back up to my apartment. But now I need to move on with my life, it's interupting my search for love as any potential soulmates that do make it back to my place don't stay long as after seeing this monolith on the horizon (yes I've had many conversations such as these So know I want to find her (yes Boxy Lady is her name) a home, a good home. I don't want to be sent photos of sawdust by funny-lookin' perverted types from Minnesota. I want to know that this box will give the new owner as much pleasure as I had (not that kind mouth-breathers). There are some rules to adhere to:

  1. You must be able to state what you want to use the box for
  2. The box must not be destroyed
  3. You must have the financial means to arrange for transport and/or shipping of the box from Zurich, Switzerland to wherever you are
  4. You must provide a photo of Boxy's new home 

This is serious.

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  • Forest Hill, London
  • Created "over 4 years" ago
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