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Safety and Trust

Your safety is our primary concern

We are committed to build a safe environment to help you make the right choices and promote an uplifting experience

Detailed Profiles

Transparency of activities displayed on DMAFB user profiles helps to establish reputation and aspects of the user’s persona. Profiles can exhibit verification by connection to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and paying a premium, also reviews from other DMAFB users add another level of trust.

Realistic Reviews

DMAFB users can only leave reviews once a Favour has been confirmed as being completed. Appreciation points may be awarded too as a gesture of thanks. Therefore this is an actual response to the service or activity that was provided, driving reputation.

Social interaction

Help Favours get done by incorporating your trusted contacts or recommended friends from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and your e-mail Inbox.


Get to know other users by interacting with our internal messenger. Ask questions, set expectations and get to know each other. If you are left with the feeling something is misrepresented or untoward, inform us right away and our team will step in and take action.

Do you need to respond to every note? To be honest, no. But the community we are trying to build is better for everyone when people are friendly and participate. We know you are busy, but go on, send a quick reply today as a gesture of niceness.


Get involved to help us ensure our neighbourhood is safe and trustworthy by flagging untoward behaviour and content, or alerting our team to step in and take action.

If we you have been sent a warning about specific content that you posted, we wish to inform you that your behaviour or what you have posted is very close to being against the Terms of Service or Community Guidelines. Other users will not be able to see that you have been warned. We kindly ask you to stop the behaviour or posting the content you are warned about.

Whenever we remove content for being against our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines, we notify the member who posted it so that they can avoid posting similar content in the future.

Privacy Settings

Control who views your Favours, Updates, Rants, Profile and other content. You can choose to filter your profile and content out of search engines, and conceal your social interactions from public view. Check your account settings to change the privacy level.


We promise to investigate complaints, whilst maintaining confidentiality when dealing with users or content flagged by the community. We will employ tools to detect fraud and scamming activity.

Safety Tips

Requesting a Favour

When describing the Favour Request, be clear on your wants and expectations. Specify any restrictions, conditions or rules you have.

Who to assign to your Favour Request? Who to accept a Favour Offer from?

Go to the user’s profile page

  • Does the profile have his/her real name?
  • Is there a clear photo or video of them?
  • Is the user verified? And to what degree? Ask inquiring users to complete their profile verifications if they haven't done so already
  • Check the type of Favours the user was assigned to or has offered to do
  • Check the number of Favours the user has completed
  • Check the number of points a user has
  • Check the user’s skills/interests, do they appear qualified to do the task or offer the service?
  • Check the reviews – remember, DMAFB users can only leave reviews once a Favour has been confirmed as being completed. Appreciation points may have been awarded too, indicating a job well done. When you get the chance, please leave an honest and clear review so other members can see.
  • Check the user’s social graph
Ask Questions

Asking good questions via Rants or Notes, sets your expectations, and is an effective way of screening. Look for grammar and tone that reflect the precision and genuineness you desire, but please remember that English may not be their first language. Messaging using our platform creates a trail that can be tracked by our team.

Spidey Senses

Trust your instincts. If an interaction feels rushed or just doesn't feel right. You are never under any obligation to do anything, you are in charge. Communicate clearly with others and remove yourself from that situation, quickly.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risks

Sometimes things don't go exactly as planned, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help. If you feel that your safety is at risk, please immediately contact your local police or emergency services.


If you are experiencing inappropriate or unwelcome contact from another user, DMAFB allows you to block them or remove them as Friends or Followers.

Meeting Up
  1. Make sure you are certain they really are the person you've gotten to know online, before giving them your phone number and email address. Do your research on them, Google details, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, ask around in your area (if they are local), look in the phone book, etc. You have to get as much information on them as you can, to verify they are the person they say they are. You can't be too cautious.
  2. Tell a trusted adult (parent/family member/friend) that you intend to meet this person and give them a copy of the details you have received (including with whom you are meeting and what time you'll be done).
  3. You should call rather than text, to hear their voice. Make sure you are comfortable over the phone sufficiently before meeting them.
  4. Arrange to meet somewhere public. Stay at that place for the duration of your first meeting. Remember the person you are meeting, if they really are someone you should get to know, will not mind.

Online Safety

The easiest way to keep your DMAFB account secure is to use a strong password and to keep it safe.

Tips on password strength
  • Don't use the same password across multiple sites.
  • Don't use words found in the dictionary no matter your native language.
  • Create a password with 10 or more characters, preferably a mix of capital and lowercase letters as well as a mix of symbols and numbers.
  • Use a phrase you can easily remember and make it more complex by substituting numbers or symbols for some letters.
  • Never share your password with others, especially if they appear to be non-human.
  • Considering changing your password a few times a year.
  • Always sign out of your account if you're logged in using a public device.
  • Yes we do rag a lot on robots here but they are evil, and they are planning something.

Tips on avoiding "phishing" or other scams
  • Verify that you are indeed on the Do Me a Favour buddy/ DMAFB login page before you input your username or password.
  • Always be protective of your password and account information.
  • Don't change your password by clicking on links in email messages you weren't expecting.
  • Be cautious of strange links in messages from other users, even ones you know, as their accounts may have been compromised.
  • Lookout for the indicative signs of a phishing email: poor spelling/grammar; links requesting you change your password; threats to suspend your account or accusations that you may have broken the law; inheritance or lottery claims; naive but smoking hot men/women who have somehow stumbled across your address; products to enhance (ahem) virility.